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Changxing Shenli environmental protection machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Changxing Chengwei electric furnace manufacturing plant) is located in Lincheng Town, Changxing County, on the southwest Bank of Taihu Lake, which is the home of silk the land of fish rice. The company is a company with more than 10 years of history, the design manufacture of industrial energy-saving furnace manufacturers.

The company's main products are: automatic putter type quenching production line, large natural gas trolley type quenching furnace, roller type mesh belt furnace heat treatment production line, mesh belt furnace, vacuum furnace, sintering furnace, drying furnace, tilting converter, bright heat treatment furnace, carburizing furnace, nitriding furnace, smelting furnace, holding furnace, aluminum alloy soaking furnace, aluminum alloy quenching furnace, aluminum coil plate annealing furnace, furnace foil annealing furnace There are more than 10 series more than 100 varieties of aluminum alloy aging furnace. The products involve metallurgy, iron steel, heavy industry machinery, chemical machinery, wind power equipment, military equipment, shipbuilding, gear, bearing, mold, casting bar, casting, forging, aluminum alloy, standard parts, hardware tools other fields.

In order to meet the special requirements of users, we are willing to trial produce various non-standard heat treatment production lines, non-standard furnaces accessories for users. The company's products have high technology content, advanced technology, reasonable structure, stable quality, easy operation, enjoy a good reputation among users.

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