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Recommended method of operating box furnace


To be honest, no matter what kind of equipment is used, people who are good at summarizing discovering can always find good operation methods after a long time of use, which is also the embodiment of skilled operation. For high temperature instruments such as box type furnace, if a good operation method can be found, they will be easy to use can also ensure personal safety. Our Changxing Shenli environmental protection machinery has been producing trying box furnace for many years, summed up a set of operation methods that we think are very good. Let me share with you:

1. As we all know, box furnace is a high temperature equipment, so it is more important to wear protective clothing to avoid high temperature burns during operation.

2. When loading unloading workpieces, do touch the heating elements around the heating furnace, because the heating elements are fragile.

3. Materials that will melt at high temperature should be put into the crucible, then the crucible should be put into the furnace. Pay attention to the lighting.

4. After installing the finished parts, make sure that the furnace door is closed tightly without gaps.

5. If the box furnace breaks down during operation, it should be stopped immediately for maintenance, so please be careful of someone during operation.

6. The box type furnace can be used continuously for a long time can be stopped for several days, which will affect the service life of heating elements. Therefore, users can collect the items that need to be processed complete the processing of all items.

In short, for the use of box furnace, still need to accumulate experience. Users need to think summarize more in the use process, so that they can use it better.



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