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Use, maintenance technical points of trolley furnace


1. Use maintenance of trolley furnace

(1) The burner of oil fired heating trolley furnace shall be installed along the tangent direction of the molten pool. The bath pan is rotated every 30 to 40 revolutions on a regular basis (e.g., once a week) to prevent overheating burnout of the bath, thereby extending the life of the bath.

(2) Apply refractory cement asbestos gasket between the flange of molten pool furnace plate to prevent molten salt flowing into the furnace. It is recommended to use fuel to heat the nitrate furnace to prevent the explosion caused by the action of carbon black nitrate after the furnace tube is burned out.

(3) The bottom of bogie furnace should be equipped with salt hole to prepare for discharging molten salt in case of accident, which is usually blocked by appropriate materials.

(4) The trolley furnace uses two thermocouples to measure the temperature near the salt bath heating elements.

(5) Strong ventilation should be provided when cyanide, lead, alkali other toxic salts are used.

2. Key points of use maintenance of trolley furnace

(1) Newly purchased renovated electrode salt bath furnace should be baked. It can be baked in resistance wire furnace, heated in sections insulated to prevent the concrete bath cracking.

(2) The exhaust device shall be activated during operation, the opening of the furnace shall be covered when the power is turned off.

(3) The furnace shell transformer are grounded. The copper strip should be in good contact with the electrode handle. Check bath, electrode, electrode handle, transformer water cooling device for short circuit. Remove sticky salt, scale other dirt all parts of the stove.

(4) The salinity should be maintained at a certain height to ensure uniform rapid heating of the workpiece. Deoxidation, deslagging fresh salt should be added in time.

(5) When the trolley furnace is difficult to start the furnace is shut down, it can be covered at the furnace mouth keep low-level power supply; for long-term power failure, some salt solution should be removed start-up equipment should be installed.

(6) In order to prevent the workpiece falling into the molten pool short circuiting, the workpiece falling into the furnace should be taken away. The furnace should keep a certain distance the electrode, the side wall of the bath, the bottom of the furnace the liquid level.

(7) Automatic temperature control shall be used.

(8) Pay attention to the operation of the transformer, do overload, do leak oil, do overheat the iron core oil temperature is too high.



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