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The significance of transformation coal-fired furnace to industrial electric furnace


The transformation coal-fired furnace to industrial electric furnace is of great significance. Whether the perspective of environmental protection the perspective of resource utilization, this transformation can promote the transformation of enterprise production improve production efficiency. The reason why the comprehensive transformation is required is that the disadvantages of coal-fired furnace are gradually becoming empty consuming resources.

Coal fired industrial furnaces account for a large proportion in China's industrial furnace system. According to statistics, there are nearly 600000 kinds of industrial furnaces in China at present, of which coal-fired industrial furnaces account for about 85%, 85% of which are coal-fired industrial furnaces with old-fashioned combustion. There are nearly 370000 coal chain grate furnaces.

China's coal-fired industrial furnace consumes nearly 700 million tons of coal every year, second only to the power station furnace. The coal-fired chain grate furnace generally has the problems of low average thermal efficiency, high energy consumption serious emissions: pollution. The average production capacity is only 3.8 T / h, the actual operation efficiency is less than 60-65%. Especially, the problems of energy consumption pollutant emission in the operation of small capacity furnaces with 10t / h below are more serious, most of them are installed below 10t / h/ H kiln (environmental protection facilities, high content of coal ash sulfur, backward technical equipment), due to backward equipment, low operation level, insufficient environmental protection facilities linear operation (if industrial coal is used) Langfengge said that the pollutant emissions of untreated coal-fired boilers may exceed those of the electric power industry in the future. In addition to the wide distribution of industrial coal-fired boilers in China, it is extremely difficult to manage manage them.

At present, the treatment plans of old coal-fired boilers include: promoting the use of efficient clean coal-fired technologies products, demolition transformation of small boiler houses, heat source merging coal to gas conversion of heat supply network. As China has more coal, less oil less natural gas, it can be concluded that coal will still be the main energy for China's industrial production people's life in the future in the long run, whether the perspective of energy security long-term development. Therefore, the research development of efficient, energy-saving environment-friendly new kiln products suitable for China's national conditions, vigorously promote, has become an important direction to replace a large number of old coal-fired kilns.

Pulverized coal industrial boiler is an advanced clean coal-fired technology, which has been widely used in large power plant boilers. Pulverized coal industrial boiler is based on pulverized coal combustion integrated emission control. The utility model has the advantages of fast combustion speed, high burn out rate low heat loss of flue gas. It can achieve remarkable effects of high efficiency, environmental protection energy saving. A new type of high efficiency environmental protection aluminum alloy quenching furnace was selected to transform the old furnace, good pollution control was achieved. It plays a very important role in saving energy, controlling a large amount of sulfur dioxide emissions, curbing the trend of Acid Deposition Pollution improving the quality of atmospheric environment.

To sum up, the transition coal-fired furnace to industrial electric furnace is a correct development idea of great significance.




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