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Requirements of industrial heating furnace analysis of burner failure


Heating requirements of industrial furnace:

1. High productivity under the premise of ensuring quality, the faster the material heating speed, the better. This can increase furnace productivity reduce the number of seats the size of small furnaces. Rapid heating can also reduce metal combustion loss unit fuel consumption, thus saving maintenance costs. The productivity of the furnace is usually evaluated by the unit productivity, i.e. the furnace bottom strength kg / (M2 × h). For example, the bottom strength of pusher type continuous furnace is 600-800kg / (m2xh), that of walking beam furnace is 700-900kg / (m2xh), that of advanced continuous furnace is 1000kg / (m2xh).

2. Good heating quality the rolling quality of metal is closely related to the heating quality of metal. The heating temperature of the material in the heating process should meet the process requirements, the cross-section temperature distribution should be uniform, the metal combustion rate should be low, so as to prevent excessive combustion decarbonization of the surface layer.

3. The energy consumption of low oil consumption heating furnace is 10% - 15% of that of rolling mill. Saving fuel is of great significance for reducing cost saving energy. Unit fuel consumption is usually used to evaluate furnace operation, such as fuel consumption kg heat kJ of 1kg steel.

4. The furnace has a long service life. Due to high temperature mechanical wear, the furnace is inevitably damaged must be checked regularly. The service life of the furnace should be extended as far as possible, the maintenance cost of the furnace should be reduced.

5. Good working conditions require highly mechanized furnace, good working conditions, safety sanitation, no environmental pollution.

Burner failure analysis:

(1) Control power circuit fault. For example, the connection of the burner control box circuit is loose, sometimes the controller power supply trips automatically, sometimes three kinds of indicator lights (red, yellow green) are on at the same time, the yellow indicator lights ignite unsteadily during flashing.

(2) There is a problem with the ignition transformer, which can't ignite normally. Sometimes it will burst when reset on site.

(3) The ignition electrode is installed correctly, the discharge nozzle is aligned, the ignition electrode is deformed nodular, the ignition cannot be started normally.

(4) The failure of the flame monitoring system, such as loose monitoring circuit, UV mirror failure (UV lamp tube damage) UV mirror covered by tar water vapor, UV lamp tube can monitor the flame normally cause failure.

(5) The burner controller fails, the burner controller fails to control the ignition action. Sometimes, the burner is ignited the yellow light is on, but the yellow light is on when the ignition switch is on.

(6) Gas pipeline failure. Sometimes, the pneumatic valve of gas will move after reset on site, the internal thread self-locking manual flow control valve manual ball valve cannot be ignited.

(7) The gap adjustment of gas pneumatic valve is improper, the opening closing is difficult, the gas valve can operate normally, even the gas pneumatic valve leakage, normal ignition other fault prompts appear.

(8) Pneumatic valve distributor failure, air valve solenoid coil burned out, unable to operate, working air leakage, low pressure, resulting in the pneumatic valve can work normally.

(9) The air solenoid valve can work normally, mainly because the rectifier of the electromagnetic switch is burnt out.

(10) Controller control program error. For example, when the temperature drops, some burners suddenly give an alarm the yellow light flashes. In addition, some burners can actually work normally, but they will always give an alarm on the HMI, which can be eliminated; some monitoring signals of burners are connected disorderly.

The pneumatic valve of some burners is installed, the power supply of the controller is cut off, but there is no alarm display on HMI; some burners display alarms on site, but there is no alarm display on HMI. The alarm is displayed the scene is normal. Some burners do give an alarm on the HMI, but give an alarm on site.



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