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Several common debugging steps installation methods steps of pusher furnace


With the improvement of industrial level the development of science technology, the pusher furnace has become one of the essential equipment in industry. Due to its unique operating characteristics, the material structure of the pusher furnace are very strict, the installation of the pusher furnace is more more important. The following editor will introduce the following "common debugging steps installation methods" pusher furnace steps in detail.

Several common debugging steps of pusher furnace

1. Cold commissioning of pusher furnace

① Before commissioning, the external components materials of pusher furnace must be inspected in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

② Check whether the mechanical parts of the pusher furnace body meet the drawing requirements.

③ Check whether the quality of pusher lining meets the requirements.

④ Check the pusher electrical control system temperature measurement system for faults.

⑤ Check whether the connection between the thermocouple of pusher furnace the lead wire of heating element is reliable.

⑥ After the above contents are checked confirmed, the cold commissioning shall be carried out three days after the furnace

⑦ Check whether the moving parts (door, door mechanism, forward push mechanism backward pull mechanism) of the pushing furnace are flexible whether the door is in close contact with the furnace surface filler.

Adjust the position of each travel switch so that the pusher furnace can complete the program action in the cold state.

After the cold test, check all the parts of the pusher furnace confirm that there is no fault, then it can run normally.

2. Push oven

After the cold test, confirm that the furnace lining, heater power supply system have no fault, then start the furnace.

① Measure the insulation resistance with vibrating screen, the resistance value shall be less than 0.5 megohm.

② The process of pushing the oven is as follows:

3. Hot commissioning of pusher furnace

After the pusher oven is completed, it can be hot debugged to check the operation of each moving part in the hot state.

① Adjust the travel switch of the push furnace door to make it meet the production requirements.

② Adjust the travel switch of the pusher to reach the required position of the production line at the working temperature.

③ Check the contact condition of power contact, timely adjust each contact for dislocation adverse reactions.

④ Observe whether the guide rail of pusher furnace is obviously deformed.

⑤ Heat regulating temperature is set on the quantity thermometer in zone 3, three temperature control curves are observed recorded to judge the uniformity of furnace temperature.

⑥ Test operation according to technical procedures.

Installation method steps of pusher furnace

1. Before installation, the pusher furnace shall be designed constructed according to the dimensions of the foundation drawing, then installed after the foundation is dry.

2. The center lines of pusher furnace, quenching (tempering) furnace material traction mechanism of rear material traction mechanism coincide with each other.

3. Adjust the height of the quenching (tempering) furnace so that the guide rails in the furnace are at the same level the error is more than 5L.

4. The height of forward pushing mechanism backward pulling mechanism is restricted by the guide rail in the furnace. The guide rail of the forward pushing mechanism is 3 to 5L higher than that in the furnace, the rear pulling mechanism is 3 to 5L lower than that in the furnace.

5. Install the door lift the oil cylinder according to the schematic diagram of the push door mechanism to ensure that the door can move up down flexibly.

6. Place the furnace according to the lining drawing. The requirements of the furnace shall comply with the relevant provisions of the resistance furnace manual.

7. The lifting of the electric control cabinet of the pusher should be stable without collision. The installation position is subject to the foundation drawing, the specific situation can be determined according to the site conditions.



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