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Installation method of continuous annealing furnace (1)


1. Continuous annealing furnace service platform steel structure installation. Based on the social experience of on-the-spot installation, we summarized the engineering construction methods of various countries in the world into the "well" shaped structure assembled by sections of the pavement, then carried out the installation method of lifting the "well" shaped structure in place.

The installation of steel frame structure of continuous annealing furnace is divided into lower, middle upper sections. The installation of the lower edge is the basis of all steel frame structures, the installation precision must be strictly controlled.

The installation of the middle section is the key to control the flatness of the steel frame structure, so as to ensure the proper bearing capacity transmission of the upper section structure machinery equipment.

The installation of the upper steel frame structure is also the key to control the flatness of the steel frame structure to ensure the accuracy of the bearing force at the connection point.

In addition to the installation of the steel structure platform structure, which is assembled into a "well" structure on the road surface, the walking service platform on this section of the steel structure should also be installed. Every few segments of the mobile service platform need to be installed between the architectures.

The installation of miter ladder guardrail is carried out step by step with the installation of service platform.

2. Installation of furnace shell. The installation of furnace shell is also divided into lower, middle upper sections, that is, the installation of furnace bottom chamber, furnace baffle rotary kiln chamber. The proper installation of the furnace bottom chamber is also related to the quality of the installation of the furnace shell, whether it is a separate furnace shell structure a furnace shell structure installed on the furnace steel frame structure. The quality management of the furnace bottom chamber must be strictly observed.

In addition, the adjustment of design elevation should also be paid attention to. The height width ratio of the baffle wall in the furnace should also be considered for the furnace in which the resistance band is hung. Otherwise, it will cause unnecessary inconvenience to the wall building of the furnace. When the radiant tube is matched, the support specifications of the two furnace baffles must be controlled System.

The installation of the upper rotary kiln chamber is also one of the key new projects. The first is to define the interval between the installation holes of rotary kiln roller hearth roller; the second is to control the basic specifications of the installation holes of furnace roller.



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