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Installation method of continuous annealing furnace (2)


3. Installation of continuous annealing furnace roller. The installation of furnace roller is divided into two parts: upper lower furnace rollers. The lower furnace roller is hoisted into the lifting platform car with special lifting tools, then the assembly of parts on both sides is carried out. After the upper furnace roller is hoisted in with a special hoisting tool, it is hoisted with a manual hoist, then the assembly of parts on both sides is carried out. When installing the upper furnace roller, the deformation of the furnace shell should be considered. When installing the furnace roller, the gap adjustment of the rolling bearing should be paid attention to. Take the initial clearance of the rolling bearing measured during installation as the initial value, then tighten the clamping cap of the rolling bearing, loosen the clamping cap of the rolling bearing after measuring the Zui value, adjust measure the clearance of the rolling bearing to achieve the standard value specified in the design scheme, then carry out the installation of other components.

4. Installation of furnace lining plate. The installation of furnace lining board is a distinctive feature of the new generation of furnace. It is a structural method of replacing the old thermal insulation material with the new thermal insulation material inside the furnace, sealing the thermal insulation material with stainless steel lining board outside.

The installation of lining board is carried out on the service platform of furnace lift, which is much more convenient than the erection of steel pipe scaffold.

The first process of lining plate installation is to carry out the electric welding of heat preservation nails on the furnace baffle plate. Whether it is to weld the heat preservation nails immediately to weld the nuts of heat preservation nails first, then to carry out the electric welding after the heat preservation nails are dressed as nuts. After the electric welding, the quality inspection should be carried out. It is an important process flow in the construction of furnace heat insulation layer, which should be strictly controlled.

After the construction of heat insulation layer, screw the nuts on the back of the lining plate tightly fix it by welding.

After the installation of stainless steel plate inner liner, the nuts on both sides of the inner liner are tightened then welded. After welding, the welding core should be removed immediately to prevent it falling down in the future processing process endangering the strip quality.

5. Air tightness test of furnace. The air tightness test of the furnace should be carried out in sections, so that we can find out whether the strict level of each furnace section considers the needs of the design scheme, whether the Zui low operation standard of production manufacturing can be achieved under the control of maintaining the steam body, which is the fundamental point related to whether the goods produced manufactured can meet the quality requirements.

The air tightness test is carried out by connecting an air inlet source protection equipment in each furnace of each section, the test method of checking water flow change is selected. First, the continuous annealing furnace body is filled with steam body, the furnace wall weld inspection other sealing position inspection are carried out to see if there is leakage. After the leakage source of the furnace wall is treated, the air inlet source stops, the steam body in the furnace should be stationary for a period of time, so as to check the change of water flow. After Zui, it is clear whether the furnace wall air tightness inspection is up to the standard. After reaching the standard, the furnace can be prepared in advance in the process of dismantling the blocking plate in the furnace.



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