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Quenching process of trolley type heat treatment furnace


Quenching, tempering, quenching quenching are four common processes in trolley type heat treatment furnace, each of which has unique technical characteristics requirements. The actual operation staff of trolley type heat treatment furnace do know the professional knowledge of each process very well. Changxing Shenli environmental protection machinery Co., Ltd. combs collects the relevant professional knowledge of quenching, tempering, quenching quenching in the relevant problems, discusses the processes, contamination handling of trolley type electric furnace equipment, as well as the credentials adopted, modifies the characteristics of raw materials after performing these four processes, for reference warning only.

Quenching process of trolley type heat treatment furnace

1. What is quenching?

The quenching of steel is a heat treatment process in which the steel is heated to the temperature above the critical pressure AC3 (hypoeutectoid) AC1 (hypereutectoid steel) for a period of time, so that all part of the steel is martensitized, then the steel is rapidly cooled below MS ( the isothermal process around MS) at a cooling rate exceeding the critical value. Often also will be aluminum alloy profiles, alloy copper, aluminum alloy, tempered laminated glass other raw materials of heat treatment tempering treatment punishment contains rapid cooling process of heat treatment punishment process called quenching.

2. Purpose of quenching:

1) Quenching process improves the physical properties of metal materials parts. For example: improve the strength resistance of target rolling bearing, improve the ductility limit of elastic yellow, improve the comprehensive physical properties of shaft parts, etc.

2) Improve the raw material properties organic chemical properties of some special steels. Such as improving the corrosion resistance of stainless steel plate, improving the permanent magnetism of magnetic tile, etc. In addition to using quenching materials, there should also be proper yoga style for quenching. The common yoga style for quenching includes single liquid quenching, two-component quenching, grade classification quenching, isothermal process quenching, partial quenching, etc.

3. The workpiece of steel products has the following characteristics after quenching: (1) unbalanced (i.e. unstable) mechanisms such as austenite, martensite residual martensite have been obtained. ② There is a lot of thermal stress. ③ The physical properties can meet the requirements. Therefore, steel products need to go through tempering after quenching.



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