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Well type nitriding gas furnace

Well type nitriding gas furnace
Detailed introduction:

The gas nitriding furnace is a high energy-saving cycle operation type nitriding furnace. It is mainly used for gas nitriding heat treatment of various steel mechanical parts, automobile curved glaze, motorcycle brake pads, molds, etc.

Structure introduction:

The gas nitriding furnace adopts energy-saving lining, double water-cooled furnace cover, vacuum rubber seal upper lower two zone multi zone temperature control. The heat preservation, temperature uniformity, sealing nitriding speed of nitriding furnace are greatly improved, the furnace type is consistent with the standard. The shell of this series of well type gas nitriding furnace is welded by steel plate section steel. The furnace lining is made of high-strength energy-saving refractory brick. The outer layer of the furnace lining is sandwiched with aluminum silicate fiber filled with expansion insulation powder. The heating element is spirally wound by high temperature resistance wire installed on the brick of furnace lining. A stainless steel vacuum tank is installed in the furnace. A double head stainless steel dropper is installed on the furnace cover for dropping methanol to make the temperature atmosphere in the nitriding furnace uniform. The furnace cover is equipped with sampling pipe, exhaust pipe input pipe on the upper side wall of furnace tank for ammonia gas input. The furnace tank furnace cover are sealed with water-cooled vacuum rubber equipped with compression bolts. The waste gas in the gas nitriding furnace is discharged out of the furnace through the exhaust pipe.




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