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Well type nitriding furnace

Well type nitriding furnace
Detailed introduction:

As a standard nitriding heat treatment equipment, well type nitriding furnace is mainly used for gas nitriding of various mechanical parts, auto parts, molds other metal workpieces. The well type nitriding furnace generally adopts gas nitriding as the main nitriding method. The furnace is equipped with a high temperature resistant stainless steel vacuum tank. When in use, the vacuum tank is pumped to a vacuum state by a vacuum pump, then the heated workpiece is treated by gas nitriding.

The shell of well type nitriding furnace is welded by steel plate section steel, the lining is made of high strength energy-saving refractory brick, the outer layer of lining is sandwiched with high-purity ceramic fiber composite insulation. The heating element is made of high temperature resistance wire with long life design, stainless steel vacuum tank is installed in the furnace. In order to improve the sealing heat preservation performance of well type nitriding furnace, double water cooling furnace cover, vacuum rubber seal compression bolt are adopted.. A double head stainless steel dropper is installed on the furnace cover for dropping methanol, which is easy to operate. A sampling pipe, an exhaust pipe an input pipe on the upper side wall of the furnace tank are installed on the furnace cover for ammonia gas input, a special exhaust pipe is installed. 



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