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Multi stage trolley furnace

Multi stage trolley furnace
Detailed introduction:

Segmented trolley furnace is changed standard trolley furnace. Segmented trolley furnace is mainly used for heating in heat treatment workshop of steel plant, special steel, mechanical processing, chemical machinery, heavy industry, metallurgical smelting, casting, forging, flange ring, steel member, wire drawing, mechanical supporting enterprise, loader, diesel engine, military industry other industries.

Segmented trolley furnace is divided into high temperature furnace, medium temperature furnace low temperature tempering furnace. The service temperature of high temperature furnace is less than 1200 ℃, medium temperature furnace is less than 950 ℃, low temperature tempering furnace is less than 650 ℃. The segmented trolley furnace is selected according to its own product characteristics. The furnace size load of segmented trolley furnace are ordered according to customers' requirements.

The control adopts contactor, silicon controlled rectifier, solid state, module, electronic digital display, intelligent digital display, computer, PID, PLC, remote control, centralized control programming control. It can record medium circle chart, long circle chart, multi-point paper recorder liquid crystal paperless recorder.

The furnace body structure of segmented trolley furnace is made of full fiber aluminum silicate wire blanket, the furnace bottom is built with light insulation brick heavy refractory brick, the heating elements are heated with resistance wire resistance belt, the furnace shell of segmented trolley furnace is made of steel plate section steel, the furnace door trolley are mechanically driven; the specific configuration of cemented carbide cutting tools is designed according to the requirements of customers furnace temperature 。


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