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Large high temperature trolley furnace

Large high temperature trolley furnace
Detailed introduction:

The high-precision high-temperature trolley furnace is a super energy-saving trolley furnace produced in accordance with the national military standards. It has a precise structure, adopts composite fiber full fiber insulation, has good energy-saving power-saving effect. The high-precision trolley furnace adopts multi zone multi-stage heating elements, Multi zone temperature control, multi microcomputer, high average temperature, high precision program temperature control, temperature control accuracy ± 1 ℃, can automatically accurately execute all kinds of heat treatment process curve. It is mainly used for the heat treatment of steel castings iron castings with the requirements of furnace temperature uniformity temperature accuracy, as well as precision mechanical parts.

Structure of high precision high temperature trolley furnace:

Furnace body lining: the shell of high-precision high-temperature trolley furnace is welded by steel plate section steel, vacuum ball energy-saving brick high-purity fiber composite lining are used, ceramic fiber insulation lining is used, heavy anti-collision brick heavy high aluminum anti pressure brick are used for furnace mouth trolley surface.

Trolley: labyrinth type refractory materials are used between the trolley furnace body the trolley, self-acting sealing mechanism through new technology is also used to reduce the heat loss of the trolley furnace improve the uniformity of furnace temperature. The bottom of the furnace body is connected with the trolley light rail as a whole. The user does need to install the foundation, but only needs to put it on the flat cement floor to use.

Furnace door: the furnace door lifting is realized by rolling up down on the guide rail through the rolling wheel, which only ensures the matching seal between the furnace door the furnace body when the furnace door is closed, but also ensures that the masonry will be damaged by friction in the process of opening. The movement of furnace door trolley is provided by the motor through worm gear reducer chain drive, is equipped with electromagnetic brake for appropriate adjustment.

Furnace bottom plate: chromium manganese nitrogen heat resistant steel furnace bottom plate 1200 ℃ silicon carbide furnace bottom plate is installed on the trolley to carry workpieces.

Temperature control system: our company's patented design of high-precision high-temperature trolley furnace is equipped with microcomputer three zone multi zone program automatic temperature control cabinet. Three multi zone microcomputers are used for high-precision automatic temperature control of each zone heating operation control of furnace door trolley. There are three more microcomputers a multi-channel color screen paperless automatic recorder on the temperature control cabinet, mainly for automatic control self-control of furnace temperature Dynamic record. The temperature control cabinet can automatically control the temperature of the trolley furnace through the microcomputer fuzzy logic operation PID operation, so as to make the temperature program curve of the heat treatment process set by the users of the trolley furnace run realize the automation of the heat treatment process. The temperature control accuracy is ± 1 ℃.

In order to improve the uniformity of furnace temperature, the high-precision high-temperature trolley furnace adopts three zone heating, the heating elements are arranged according to the uniform temperature wire distribution method. In order to compensate for the heat loss of furnace mouth, the arrangement range of heating elements in zone I, zone II zone III are different, so that the high-precision high-temperature trolley furnace can keep the three zone uniform temperature in the process of heating insulation. The average temperature of the furnace can reach ± 3-5 ℃.


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