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Trolley furnace

Trolley furnace
Detailed introduction:

The trolley type furnace has a chamber furnace, the furnace with movable bottom is called the trolley type furnace, which is used for heat treatment heating of small batch of workpieces.

Technical parameters of trolley furnace:

1. Furnace type: heating furnace; 2. Furnace chamber size: 15000mm long x 1500mm wide x 950mm high; 3. Fuel: gas; 4. Furnace temperature: 250 ℃; 5. Conveying mode: chain type; frequency control.

Characteristics of trolley type heating furnace:

1. High heat utilization fast temperature rise; 2. Low pollution, creating good working conditions for the surrounding environment; 3. Easy temperature control; 4;

4. Simple structure, easy operation maintenance; 5, beautiful appearance, compact structure, small area.

Structure of trolley type heating furnace: it is mainly composed of combustion chamber, furnace body, furnace door, pipeline, fan, electrical instrument, etc.



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