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All fiber trolley furnace

All fiber trolley furnace
Detailed introduction:

The trolley furnace is an energy-saving periodic operation trolley furnace, which mainly uses combustible gas such as natural gas as the main heating mode. It is mainly used for rapid heating of gears, dies, various forging billets before forging. It can also be used for quenching, normalizing, annealing other heat treatment of various mechanical parts. Our company specializes in the design manufacture of gas trolley furnace. The structure pipeline design are precise advanced multi-point combustion mode. The upper computer fully controls the temperature in the furnace, with high temperature control accuracy average temperature.

The structure of gas-fired trolley furnace is as follows:

1. All kinds of combustion gases are used as the medium heated by various burners. The temperature can reach 1200 ℃.

2. The framework of furnace body is made of various large medium-sized section steel welded on site, the shell sealing plate is made of color steel plate, the high aluminum full fiber fire-resistant silk blanket module is used as furnace lining, so the sealing energy-saving effect is obvious.

3. The trolley frame is composed of various large I-steel, channel steel, angle steel thick steel plate.

4. All the wheels of the trolley are driving wheels, the driving system is reliable. The transmission system adopts "three in one" motor reducer, the installation mode is shaft mounted. The structure is compact, the assembly is firm, the access is flexible, the operation is simple, the maintenance is convenient.

5. The refractory brick structure of trolley adopts high aluminum setting brick structure, which has good sealing effect with furnace body high compressive strength. Pad iron is set on the trolley surface for stacking workpieces. All the side plates of the trolley are made of casting parts to ensure that the car body is deformed durable. The sealing between the furnace car the furnace lining adopts the automatic pressing structure of the electric push rod of the refractory fiber sealing block. The opening closing of the side seal are interlocked with the furnace car in out.

6. The furnace door is made of high aluminum full fiber fire-resistant wire blanket section steel composite frame structure. The electric hoist is used for lifting. The sealing mechanism of the furnace door is made of long short lever spring type automatic pressing cam mechanism soft edge sealing device. Ensure no friction up down, easy reliable.

7. The chimney is equipped with automatic furnace pressure control, butterfly valve, etc., which can adjust the cooling rate.

High speed burner is used for heating, evenly distributed on both sides. Continuous proportional control combustion. The air volume is adjusted by the actuator, the gas volume is adjusted by the proportional valve to achieve the air-fuel proportional combustion. The gas air volume are set with the lower limit. The gas pipe of each burner is equipped with the control solenoid valve. Each burner is equipped with an independent complete combustion controller, which has the functions of automatic ignition, flame detection, fire alarm automatic gas cut-off. This fully ensures the stability of the combustion temperature control system.


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